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Handmade soaps, lotions, body butter, pet products, horse products, soy candles with hemp wicks, jewelry, apparel, household goods, bags, crafty decorations & some baked items. All items contain hemp oil, butter, seed, rope, cord and/or fabric.

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All my products are currently handmade from imported raw material hemp at this time. Oil & seed is imported from Canada and textiles/paper are imported from various other countries in which I purchase them from American wholesalers. I plan to source all my raw hemp material from Kentucky as soon as it becomes available on the market. If you currently grow hemp as a research plot in Kentucky, I would be interested in buying your raw material to produce my products.

I strive to make all my handmade products in the most sustainable manner possible including my sourcing of raw ingredients, energy use, and packaging materials.

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This is a side business that is part of my larger farm business. My farm is called Laurel Ridge Farm and we are located in the Laurel Branch area of Morgan County, KY off KY 519.

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