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Raw Wildflower Honey, Comb Honey and Chunk Honey. Currently bottle 8oz, 1 pound and 2 pound jars. Call or email for prices and availability. 5 Frame Nucs with New Queens and Swarm Removal

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Growing beekeeping operation expanding to include 5 frame nucs with new queens. All bees are from local stock. Home grown Kentucky Queens and bees. I have never used any chemicals or antibiotics in any of my hives.

All honey products are as pure as possible, nothing added, nothing taken away. 100% raw honey as nature intended. Honey strained, not filtered, warmed but not heated. Processed as little as possible from comb to bottle.

Will do swarm removal if within 50 mile radius and can remove safely.

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I64 exit 113. Will meet you at Pilot Truck Stop. Take you to Farm

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Taking orders for 2010 Nucs

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