Kenny's Cajun Corn

All the Flavor WITHOUT the Heat!

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We have an exciting new gift pack you can have shipped to friends and relatives, anywhere!

Our Products

Cajun flavored gourmet microwave popcorn

About Us

Kenny's Cajun Corn is a high quality microwave popcorn seasoned with Kenny's secret recipe of cajun spices blended to tickle your taste buds without setting your mouth on fire.

To insure product freshness, Kenny's Cajun Corn is available only in smaller specialty stores or shipped directly to your home or office, anywhere worldwide!

Kenny's Cajun Corn is available in retail stores in a 3-Pack or single bags. We'll ship to your home in a 12 or 24-Pack (for true corn-a-holic's)

Hours of Operation

7 AM to 11 PM EST

Here is where you can find our products:

152 retail stores over 12 states, see our website 'Stores' page for a location near you!
Order direct from our website or Toll Free phone line

Kenny's Cajun Corn

PO Box 101
Fisherville, KY 40023
Phone: (502) 253-0353