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Our flock is greatly influenced by Cabaniss genetics, first an ''''801'''' son was used in 92'''', 93'''', and 94'''' to create a great set of foundation females. In 97'''' ''''73'''' was introduced and heavily used over the years to even further improve our ewe flock. These two bucks have produced sheep that are structurally sound and smooth, with balance and elegance. Another Cabaniss ram, a Wattonville ram and two Hancock rams were used as outcrosses over the last two years to produce award winning wethers.

Our breeding program has produced many champions not only in Kentucky, but throughout the nation.

Ewes normally start lambing in mid-December, with the majority lambing in January.

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Open 24 hours, please call for an appointment.

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Lambs are sold Private treaty at the farm.
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