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This is our time of the year, even though it's cold & snowy! Mother Nature is blessing us with some new baby lambs. These are great hair sheep-mouflon, Texas dall, barbado-X making a colorful herd of painted desert sheet with the drawf ears and tons of GREAT color. No shearing needed-nature does the work. We're offering for sale a small number of lambs, ewes and young rams, already showing curls and hearts in their horns. This has been a closed herd for several years, with no medical problems. Our sheep are gentle and easy keepers-great for someone wanting a few animals to watch over and enjoy. Also standing at stud if our miniature llama Leonardo's PT Phantom AKA Punkin. He has his own story we'll talk about another time. If life is stressing you out, you need a few sheep and llamas to graze in your back year. Friends, if watching them graze doesn't relax you, go talk with your family doctor. Contact us when you're ready to relax and enjoy nature.


Check your map for Maysville. We're 5 miles out of Maysville off Ky 11 South.

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Lajensant Llamas and Exotics

6103 Kentucky Highway 3170
Maysville, KY 41056
Phone: (606) 742-2503