Green River Cattle Company

Home grown Beef

Our Products

Prime and Choice Steaks, Roasts, Ground Beef, Beef Patties, Sirlion Tip Steak.

About Us

A small-farm, community based beef marketing alliance owned and operated by Kentucky family farmers.

Green River Cattle Co., owned and managed by central Kentucky farmers, envisions connecting local beef producers with consumers.

Here is where you can find our products:

Central Farmers Supply, 108 E. Columbia Ave. Greensburg, KY 42743 270-932-5101
For Foodservice Customers, A. Thomas Foodservices 2055 Nelson Miller Parkway, Louisville, Ky 40223, 502-253-2000
Retail Product, Doll's Markets , 3620 Brownsboro Road, LOuisville, KY 40207, 502-897-1501

Green River Cattle Company

P.O. Box 82
Greensburg, KY 42743
Phone: (270) 932-9677
Fax: (270) 932-9677