A Different Drummer Farm

'Be good to the land and it will be good to you'

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Heritage Turkey, Chicken, Eggs

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Our farm has been Certified Naturally Grown¿ for the past 3 years - we grow naturally, organically here - no herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or anything not natural used here.

Our poultry have not been given antibiotics or growth hormones, no man made medications used here and that means when you eat our poultry you won't be consuming those things too. We raise Heritage Turkeys: Kardosh Standard Bronzes, Bourbon Reds, Blue Slates. We also raise Marans chickens for both eggs and meat.


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A Different Drummer Farm

300 John T. Fields Rd.
Edmonton, KY 42129
Phone: (270) 432-0970
Email: splltrss@scrtc.com