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Culinary Herbs, Medicinal Herbs, Heirloom Plants (Tomato, cabbage, sweet potato) and heirloom produce in season. My plants and produce are not certified organic, but are 'CLEAN', have no insecticides used and only horse and cow manure as fertilizer.

About Us

The herb collection was created because of a passion for learning the uses of herbs in everyday living. Our ancestors knew every edible plant in the forest, and how to use it; whether it be medicinal or culinary or even for decorating. Saving seeds from favorite produce is another heritage that we are losing and it was a desire to reinstate and instill in people the value of having seeds that are not hybrid, have not be changed genetically to put pure, clean food on our tables.


Located in southern most Garrard county seven miles from Paint Lick, KY. Take Hwy 52 east to hwy 1972. Turn left. Follow 1972 to Old Richmond Rd. N., turn left. Follow Old Richmond Rd. N. to Brock Rd. Turn left. Brock road to Pine Hill, turn right.

Here is where you can find our products:

MERJ Market @ Big Hill, Ky
Amish Auction - Lincoln County

McQuerry's Heritage Herbs & Heirloom Produce

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