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When I developed this formula, I was simply looking for a natural cream to help my dry skin. I wanted a formula that had only things in it that I could pronounce. Pure natural ingredients from only the best sources. I thought the great beauties of the ages had done just that.......why couldn¿t I?? Women had been making formulas for centuries before big business decided what was good for our skin. I went in search of just such a formula. Pure natural ingredients provide the essential ingredients to nourish the skin. Some of the contents of my formula are of 'food quality', not 'cosmetic quality'. That means you are actually nourishing your skin, not just covering it.

The ingredients are revered as extremely effective skin moisturizer because of its high content of natural fatty acids, including Kariten, Allantoin and vitamin E. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make it excellent for minor burns, skin abrasions and rashes. Use Skin Soother as an effective night cream for those really dry areas, fine lines around your eyes and age spots. When my friend told me how much the dermatologist charged to remove age spots from her mother-in-laws hands my mouth dropped! You can get those same results with no appointment!

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Sukey's Skin Soother

9315 Summer Shade Road
Summer Shade, KY 42166
Phone: (270) 428-5975