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Council for Burley Tobacco invests $140,000 in research

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LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Council for Burley Tobacco awarded $140,000 in grant funds to the following projects for the 2015 awards cycle.

  • Evaluation of Chemical Topping in Burley Tobacco (Robert Davies, Murray State University), $5,000
  • Characterization of the Functional Microbiome of Tobacco (Seth DeBolt, University of Kentucky), $10,000
  • Topping height of high leaf potential hybrids (Colin Fisher, UK), $10,000
  • TSNA Accumulation in Controlled Curing Environment (Colin Fisher, UK), $5,000
  • Evaluation and Control of Ground Sucker Formation in Burley Tobacco Varieties (Robert Miller, UK), $15,000
  • Addition of Blue Mold Resistance to KTTII Burley Tobacco Varieties (Robert Miller, UK), $20,000
  • Enhancing Burley Tobacco Production Labor Efficiency (Bob Pearce, UK), $20,000
  • Development of User-friendly Markers for Disease Resistance to Potato Virus Y (PVY) and Black Root Rot (BRR) in Burley Tobacco (Shengming Yang, UK), $15,000
  • Controlling Entophyte Colonization to Reduce TSNA in Tobacco Leaves (Shengming Yang, UK), $5,000
  • Identification of Topping-and Suckercide-Responsive Genes in Tobacco by Next Generation Gene Sequencing (Ling Yuan, Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center), $20,000
  • Varieties and Production Practices to Maximize Nicotine to be Utilized in Emerging Tobacco Products (Rich Mundell, KTRDC), $15,000

The Council for Burley Tobacco invests the Kentucky Burley Tobacco Check-off funds in research, education, and promotion projects to benefit the burley tobacco industry.


The Council for Burley Tobacco was restructured in 2013 to allow membership to all burley tobacco producers. Today, the organization represents the interests of the burley tobacco grower in all aspects of the industry.

To learn more about the Council for Burley Tobacco and to read the final reports of all completed grant projects visit