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Free Range Eggs, All Natural Produce and Vegetables(asparagus, potatoes, seasonal vegetables)

About us

Persimmon Springs Farm is a family owned farm in operation since 1996. We are constantly adding new varieties which we grown without pesticides and chemicals. We raise free range Barred Rock Chickens for fresh brown eggs. We market our produce and eggs every Saturday at the Jeffersontown Farmers Market.

We currently have fresh asparagus, (in season) and free range eggs. We expect to have tomatoes, onions, cucumbers squash and more. We use only certified organic seed and heirloom vartieties of all of our vegetables. We do not purchase or sell Genetically Modified products. All of our produce is produced naturally with out chemicals or pesticides.

J-Town Farmers Market open May 21, 2011 through October 29, 2011 at 8:30 am.

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To get to our farm take Taylorsville Road east of the Snyder Freeway, turn on Highway 155 (Taylorsville Lake Road) for approximately one (1) mile. Turn right on to Routt Road. Our farm is on the right, about 5.6 miles from the beginning of Routt Road (we are approximately one (1) mile past the Fern Creek Fire Station.)

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Latest news

Farmers Market Opens May 13. (Fresh Asparagus, Free Range Eggs)

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J-Town Farmers Market.
Saturdays, May through October

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