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100% Pure Local Honey, Pure Kentucky Choice Sorghum, Gourmet Syrups in PECAN, ALMOND, WALNUT, BOURBON, HAZELNUT AND CAPPUCCINO flavors

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We began our apiary as a hobby in 1976. In 1998 the idea of augmenting our honey with a line of gourmet syrups was born. But not just any type syrup would do. We wanted to be different and starting blending unique, thick and rich nut flavored quality syrups. Being a business in Kentucky would be incomplete without a bourbon flavored product and so a tasty delight of a bourbon syrup came to life. For the cappuccino and coffee hound we blended a special syrup just for them. Both our honey and gourmet syrups are in the 'Pride of Kentucky' program and honored to be included in the 'Kentucky Collection'. With much demand for a quality sorghum we've added the best pure Kentucky sorghum we can find.

Our local extracted and cut-comb honey can be had in various sized containers. Our unique thick and sweet gourmet syrups are blended and heated to perfection then packaged in one pound skept-shaped gold flip-top containers that are safety sealed for your protection.

The honey house becomes busy about late August with golden honey available generally through the Christmas holidays. Sorghum is ready from early October til early Spring. You can purchase all our tasty syrups year-round. Ole' Kentucky Favorite honey, sorghum and syrups are perfect for food and gift baskets, glazings, dessert toppings, breakfast sweetenings, those glazed hams and baby carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet breads and cakes...well, you get the idea!

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Nevin Station is just down the road a few minutes south of Lawrenceburg, Ky. Going south on US127 you pass over the BG (Blue Grass Pkwy). Another 11/2 miles and you turn right onto Nevin Station Rd. and proceed to 1119 just before the R.R. tracks.

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You can find our sweet fixins at many Kentucky State Parks and Shrine gift shops. Basket, speciality gift and food shops across Kentucky.
Gourmet food shops, Roadside Produce Stands or in stores selling Kentucky Made Fine Foods and Crafts..
You will also see us at many Fall Festivals in Central Kentucky .

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