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Bedding plants, Hanging Baskets, Potted flowers, strawberries, tomatoes, squash, melons, sweet corn, and many other local produce. Pumpkins, mums, gourds, and other fall decorations. Hay, straw, and firewood. Farm Machinery.

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Welcome to Fairview Produce Auction! Many people with roadside makrets, stores, and stands find the auction the perfect place to go to buy a large selection of fresh, local, high quality produce. Many are also discovering the beautiful selections of bedding plants, potted flowers, and unique planters at the spring sales. Fairveiw Produce Auction is also rapidly becoming a major hay and straw market in soutwest Kentucky. Like the produce sales, the hay sales continue to be successful. From November to March, consist of the hay sales and firewood. Mid-March to Mid-May are flower and bedding plant sales. Produce is in season from April through October. Farm Machinery sales are on the first Saturday in March and the last Saturday in September.

Fairview Produce Auction is a corporation owned by local and out-of-state farmers and business people. It is operated by a five man board, business manager and employess. Since it started in 1997, sales have increased every year.


Convenient Location! Along 68-80; 1/2 mile west of Jeff Davis monument park. 10 miles east of Hopkinsville, 70 miles North of Nashville, 60 miles west of Bowling Green

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