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Offering frozen ground beef, custom finished Hereford beef steers whole, halves and split halves, forage finished for better health. Hereford seedstock selected to produce quality beef on pasture.

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Our family owned and operated farm has been producing Hereford cattle for over forty years.

All beef is from 100% Hereford stock conceived, born, bred and raised on the farm, finished and fed without any shortcuts, entirely on grass. No antibiotics, steroids, hormones or other additives. Pastures are pesticide free.

Selected to produce the best flavored, most tender beef possible on an all-forage diet without grain, our Hereford cows and calves graze fresh pasture throughout the growing season.

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Our farm is located about 20 miles west of I-24 in Paducah, five miles north of U. S. 60 in LaCenter, 2 miles west of the Bandana community.

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Deliveries weekly to the Paducah area.
Or by arrangement at the farm
Monthly deliveries to other areas in the Jackson Purchase area in far western Kentucky as requested.

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