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City LIFE offers Louisville’s corporate/organizational professionals and downtown residents a trendy, fun way to purchase great local organic food and wine at a reasonable price in a social environment while at the workplace or their downtown residents. We offer a virtual farmers market at where corporate professionals and downtown residents have the option of ordering and paying on-line and picking-up their Personalized Local Food Basket (PLFB) at work or their residence the following week. The Personalized Local Food Basket is a modified customer-centric CSA that allows customers to customize their basket from the weeks offering of meat, eggs, cheese, wine, value-added products and services and produce (in season).

City LIFE is a small e-commerce business located in West Louisville an “Urban Food Desert.” City LIFE emphasis will be on local organic food and wine. City LIFE uses strategic partnerships with local corporations/organizations to distribute local food and wine directly to their employees. An emphasis on local organic food and wine is based on City LIFE’s dedication to sustainable development and the building of a locally innovative food economy. We provide convenient access to local food to corporate/organizational professionals and residents of the central business district. We will create markets for Kentucky farmers and their products while creating employment opportunities for West Louisville residents.

The Web forges connections with customers These avenues of communication all point to the greatest advantage -- City Life’s connection with its customers. Customers are hungry to build community, and the web is a way of fostering that community. A web site that has photographs of the farm, family, workers, and products, — all these draw people in and make them want to visit the site. Since City LIFE offers a service, it features both farmer and customers on its Web site. Corporate/organizational professionals and downtown dwellers can go to the site to learn more about the farms and farmers whose products they use.

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University of Louisville, Spalding University, Heyburn Building
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