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Bracken County is one of Kentucky’s most beautiful counties with its rolling hillsides and gorgeous river views. Bracken County boasts of history, hospitality, and heritage with its many museums, art galleries, local handmade crafts, quaint lodging, and farm tours. We invite you to discover and enjoy our traditions, our fresh harvests throughout the season, and our scenic landscapes as you visit Bracken County during our upcoming events!

Agriculture continues to be a vital source for the county’s economy, and our farmland is as hard working as it is beautiful. Many farms continue to produce tobacco, corn, and hay. And many more farms have diversified their products and services to include: · Grapes and wine · Blackberries · Blueberries · Lavender · Honey · Apples · Pay Lakes · Horseback Riding · Canoeing · Salsa and Sauces · Handmade crafts We invite you to explore our beautiful countryside and find history, hospitality, and heritage!

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From Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area: From 275 take the Wilder exit and follow AA Highway southeast to Bracken County. From Ashland/Maysville Area: The AA Highway (Route 9) goes directly from Ashland, passes through Maysville, and then goes directly into Bracken County. You may go off onto Route 10 to go through Germantown and on into Brooksville, or turn off at Route 19 to go into Augusta. From Lexington Area: Take Route 68 to Maysville where it intersects with AA Highway (Route 9) Turn left onto Route 9 and follow into Bracken County.

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Blueberries and Lavender are at their peak in the month of June!

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