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Stone Run Farms is a family operated, pasture-based local market farm. We produce pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, and turkeys. We believe that pasture-based farming is a sustainable way to farm that produces a quality, healthy, excellent tasting product. By working with nature and allowing each animal to do what it was designed to do, we are able to use our land to improve our food system and keep the soil naturally fertile and functional. Our products are natural, antibiotic, growth hormone free.

A heritage breed of pork was an obvious choice, knowing they would eat more grass, be heartier than modern breeds, have good mothering instincts and produce a healthier meat. The Tamworth breed has all of these qualities and thrives out on pasture. Sheep were originally brought to the farm for pasture clean-up and have done a wonderful job. It did not take us long though, to figure out that eating lamb is a tasty alternative when you grow tired of traditional meats or are planning that special occasion. Our lambs are born on our farm in the spring, raised on their mothers milk and our lush green pastures.

Pastured poultry has a richer flavor than conventionally raised poultry products due to their diverse diet of grass and bugs. After spending the first few weeks in a warm, sunny brooder, our chicks and poults are moved out to a large open shelter in the pasture. They are provided a fresh new diet of green grass, insects, daily exercise and sunshine each day. Our chickens and turkeys live their entire lives healthy and happy. After researching different breeds of chickens for egg laying, we decided to go with the old stand-by...Rhode Island Reds. These "ladies" are great foragers which is what you want with pastured eggs. They are happy to be free ranging on pasture inside a protective electric fence. They chase after bugs, take dust baths in the sun and forage for legumes and other grasses. We supplement their diet with grains, kelp and a blend of over 60 trace minerals, all of which is bought at a local feed store. Each day, our layers thank us when we gather their eggs.

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