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Sorghum and Sorghum Apple Butter

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Campground Acres is family owned and operated farm. My father n law started making sorghum in the early 90s. Through many scortched batches he soon had it perfected. We soon started selling at area festivals. My Mother n law came up with sorghum apple butter which is delicious. In addition to our festivals we also added a farmers market.

What is sorghum? Sorghum is made from sorghum cane. When the cane is ready for harvest, it is cut and crushed using a mill. The juice that is extracted is then cooked down until it is of syrup consistency. It is a sweet syrup that can be used on biscuits, toast and even pancakes. It is often used in baking cakes, cookies and breads.

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Sorghum has zinc, iron, magnesium and many other nutrients/vitamans

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You may contact us at any time to purchase sorghum or sorghum apple butter
We can be found at the Bourbon Festival and Arts and Crafts festival in Bardstown
Ham days in Lebanon, Harvest Festival in Springfield and St. Matthews farmers market in Louisville

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