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Commissioner Quarles applauds passage of HB 265


Bill would eliminate requirement to remove dual wheels from large farm implements


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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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FRANKFORT, Ky. — Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles today applauded the Kentucky House of Representatives for passing House Bill 265, which will help Kentucky farmers transport farm implements on Kentucky roadways.

“This bill is necessary to enable Kentucky farmers to move equipment as efficiently and as safely as possible,” Commissioner Quarles said. “I am grateful to the House for its swift action on this legislation, and I urge the Senate to follow suit.”

The bill adds a definition of a “nondivisible load” to state law, effectively allowing farm implements such as combines or large tractors being moved from the equipment dealer to the farm, or from field to field, to be transported without removing the dual wheels located on each side of the piece of equipment.

Commissioner Quarles said that, under current law, the wheels must be removed before transporting an implement on Kentucky roads, adding to the time and expense of transporting large farm machinery.

Commissioner Quarles said technicians have been injured removing the wheels, and House Bill 265 eliminates that safety hazard. He said being able to leave the wheels attached would make the implement more easily visible to other motorists than if the axle is left exposed when the wheels are removed.

House Bill 265 passed in the House by a 95-2 vote.