The Hunger Initiative is a first-of-its-kind effort in Kentucky to bring together farmers, charitable organizations, faith groups, community leaders, and government entities to begin a dialogue to help reduce hunger in Kentucky. Commissioner Quarles has made reducing hunger in both the rural and urban parts of Kentucky a major priority during his time in office.

Our mission

Kentucky is a model for agriculture across the country as our farmers help provide a stable and safe food supply to their communities, other parts of the country and the world at large. The objective of the Hunger Task Force will be to study the sources of hunger, identify the unique issues that affect different regions of the Commonwealth, and take an inventory of resources related to this critical issue facing 1 in 6 Kentuckians.

Three goals in the fight

Build and expand collaborative partnerships between the public and private sectors that will minimize hunger in Kentucky.

Goal 1

Strengthen Kentucky's food-distribution infrastructure to enable farmers to better serve the needs of Kentuckians.

Goal 2

Increase education and public awareness of hunger that affects Kentuckians of all ages.

Goal 3

Get involved

Our members

Laura Melillo Barnum - Executive Director of YUM Foundation and Global Community Investment, YUM Brands
David Beck - Executive Vice President, Kentucky Farm Bureau
Warren Beeler - Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy
Rodney Booe - Pastor, Campbellsville Christian Church
Danielle Bozarth - Programs Director, Gods Pantry Food Bank
Tony Brannon - Dean, Murray State University, School of Agriculture
Adria Johnson - DCBS Commissioner, Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Valerie Crouch - Program Manager for School and Community Nutrition, Department of Education
Spencer Coates - President, Houchens Industries
Mary Courtney - Farmer, Shelby Co., Courtney Farms
Nancy Cox - Dean of UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
Laura Marbury - Nutrition Affairs Program Manager, Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc.

More members

More members

David Dodd - Executive Director National Center for Hospitality Studies, Sullivan University
Jamie Guffey - Executive Director, Kentucky Poultry Federation
Bonnie Jolly - Executive Director, Kentucky Pork Producers
Dave Maples - Executive Vice President, Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association
Ted Mason - Executive Director, Kentucky Grocers Association
Tim McGurk - Director of Public Affairs, Kroger Louisville Division
Martin Richards - Executive Director, Community Farm Alliance
Brian Riendeau - Executive Director, Dare to Care
Tamara Sandberg - Executive Director, Kentucky Association of Food Banks
Suzanne Cecil White - Farmer, Daviess Co.
Stephanie Wooten - Executive Director, Glean KY