Welcome to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) Hemp Licensing Program website.  



Anyone interested in potentially growing, processing, or handling hemp in Kentucky may view the Grower Orientation or Processor/Handler Orientation presentations to get a full overview of the program.  These orientations are also a component of the application itself and a requirement for licensing.


Full details for the Hemp Licensing Program, including applications and regulations, can be found on this website.  The information is organized under 5 different “Program Pages” as listed below.  You may also access the program pages in the right sidebar (mobile users scroll down) under the heading “Program Pages”.

     *Hemp Licensing Program Overview.  Provides a general overview of the Kentucky hemp program, including a list of current License Holders, Seed & Transplant Providers List, Processors & Handlers, and History and Scope of the Program.

     * Hemp and the Law. Here you will find all the hemp related Laws and Regulations, including Kentucky Administrative Regulations for growers, processors, handlers, and universities. 


     * Applications for the Hemp Program.  Interested in joining the program?  Visit this page for the Grower and Processor/Handler License Applications, as well as University Applications. The online application is now active.


     * License Holders - Forms and Deadlines.  License Holders will now be submitting all reports and requests through their online portal. This page continues to provide constant access to program forms for those who submitted a paper application, and a convenient list of deadlines. Also found on this page are the detailed presentations used during initial training of new license holders, guidelines for pesticide use and details of the THC sampling and testing procedures.


     * Restrictions on Sale or Transfer.  Planning to move hemp?  This is your one-stop page for the hemp transfer rules governing the Kentucky Hemp Program.



If you have visited all of KDA’s hemp pages and still have questions about the program, please send inquiries to