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Essay contest winners

Essay contest winners were, from left: front row – Michael Brockman, sixth grade, Boone County; Andy Peeples, fifth grade, Daviess County; Anthony Pike, third grade, LaRue County; Lucas Leisley, first grade, Warren County; Micah Harrington, fourth grade, Whitley County; Cyrus Bivens, first grade, LaRue County; back row – David Ehlert, 12th grade, Fayette County; Chasity Bryant, 10th grade, LaRue County; Emma Ingalls, eighth grade, Hardin County; Breanna Woodward, sixth grade, Nelson County; and Logan Bechanan, ninth grade, Nicholas County. Not pictured: Abby Willgruber, 11th grade, Warren County. (Kentucky Department of Agriculture photo)


KDA Poster and Essay Contest winners honored


For Immediate Release
Friday, March 13, 2015
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Ted Sloan
(502) 564-1138

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Winners of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s annual Poster and Essay Contest received awards at a luncheon March 13 at Locust Trace AgriScience Farm in Lexington.

“We chose the theme ‘Kentucky Agriculture: Growing the Next Generation of Farmers’ to raise awareness of the need for more farmers and the variety of career opportunities available in the agriculture industry,” Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said. “The students who participated in the contest did a great job of expressing the contest theme, and I congratulate them all. I also want to thank all the parents and teachers who helped the students create their entries.”


Statewide winners in each grade were awarded $100 each.


Kentucky Agriculture and Environnment in the Classroom

The contest is conducted by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in partnership with Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom Inc. Several members of the KAEC board were on hand for the luncheon and awards ceremony.



Essay contest winners and schools in each grade, with their teachers’ names in parentheses, were:

  • First grade — co-winners Cyrus Bivens, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, LaRue County (Meredith Richardson), and Lucas Leisley, Alvaton Elementary, Warren County (Carolyn Gifford)
  • Third grade — Anthony Pike, Seton Home Study, LaRue County (Angela Pike)
  • Fourth grade — Micah Harrington, Harrington Academy, Whitley County (Jennifer Harrington)
  • Fifth grade — Andy Peeples, Deer Park Elementary, Daviess County (Lisa Clark)
  • Sixth grade — Michael Brockman, Brockman Christian Academy, Boone County (Coleen Brockman) and Breanna Woodward, My Old Kentucky Home Middle School, Nelson County (Joan Cain)
  • Eighth grade — Emma Ingalls, Hardin County Home Study (Jody Ingalls)
  • Ninth grade — Logan Bechanan, Nicholas County High School (Brandon Griffith)
  • 10th grade — Chasity Bryant, LaRue County High School, (Misty Bivens)
  • 11th grade — Abby Willgruber, Greenwood High School, Warren County (Ron Tipton)
  • 12th grade — David Ehlert, Locust Trace AgriScience High School, Fayette County (Sara Tracy)

Poster contest winners and schools in each grade, with their teachers’ names in parentheses, were:

  • Kindergarten — Benjamin Caldbeck, Caldbeck Ag Education, Daviess County (Claire Caldbeck)
  • First grade — Lily Likarich, Rineyville Elementary, Hardin County (Doris Hudson)
  • Second grade — Kason Wright, Joe Harrison Carter Elementary, Monroe County (Cheryl Thompson)
  • Third grade — Jordan Hester, Tompkinsville Elementary, Monroe County (Whittany Shaw)
  • Fourth grade — Elizabeth Johnson, Johnson Family Home School, Warren County (Shannon Johnson)
  • Fifth grade — Zoe Barker, Deer Park Elementary, Daviess County (Lisa Clark)
  • Sixth grade — co-winners Phillip Caldbeck, Daviess County Middle School (Andrea Higgs), and Lydia Newton, Old Kentucky Home Middle School, Nelson County (Joan Cain)
  • Seventh grade — Kaitlyn McNulty, Second Street School, Franklin County (Brittany Lane)
  • Eighth grade — co-winners Richard Pike, Seton Home Study, LaRue County (Angela Pike), and Cara Storm, Burns Middle School, Daviess County (Ali Huffman)
  • Ninth grade — co-winners William Caldbeck, Daviess County High School (Marcus Kimbrell), and Taylor McCarty, Montgomery County High School (Jennifer Billings)
  • 10th grade — Chloe Teets, Mercer County High School (Julia Snellen)
  • 11th grade — Melanie P’Poole, Lyon County High School (Amy Beard)
  • 12th grade — Emily Jeter, Metcalfe County High School (Chris Long)

Madison McVey of Montgomery County High School in Mount Sterling (teacher Jennifer Billings) won the digital art competition.


The statewide winner of the Bonnie Plants Third Grade Cabbage Contest also was honored at the luncheon. Reagan Prather of Anne Mason Elementary School in Georgetown received a check for $1,000. Reagan grew a cabbage that weighed 23.8 pounds.


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Poster and digital contest winners

Poster contest winners were, from left: front row – Chloe Teets, 10th grade, Mercer County; Lily Likarich, first grade, Hardin County; Kason Wright, second grade, Monroe County; Lydia Newton, sixth grade, Nelson County; Elizabeth Johnson, fourth grade, Warren County; Benjamin Caldbeck, kindergarten, Daviess County; Phillip Caldbeck, sixth grade, Daviess County; Jordan Hester, third grade, Monroe County; back row – Taylor McCarty, ninth grade, Montgomery County; Cara Storm, eighth grade, Daviess County; Richard Pike, eighth grade, LaRue County; Madison McVey (digital contest winner), ninth grade, Montgomery County; Kaitlyn McNulty, seventh grade, Franklin County; Melanie P'Poole, 11th grade, Lyon County; William Caldbeck, ninth grade, Daviess County; and Emily Jeter, 12th grade, Metcalfe County. Not pictured: Zoe Barker, fifth grade, Daviess County. (Kentucky Department of Agriculture photo)