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Curt and Lauren White are beekeepers who specialize in the safe and humane removal of live honeybee's from structures where they don't belong. We will happily remove swarms as well as colonies that have taken up residence in your homes, trees, or other places that are causing you concern.

We sell Local Raw Unpasteurized honey which is much better for the consumer. Eating raw, unheated, unpasteurized local honey is one of the best natural ways to fight against the dreaded spring allergies. How does this work? The pollens you are most likely to be allergic to are those found in the area where you live and work – coming from nearby foliage. Your body mistakes pollen for damaging invaders like fungal spores and dust mites, triggering the release of histamine – a natural chemical that's part of an immune system response. Histamine causes inflammation and irritation of soft tissue, which leads to seasonal suffering. The honey bee living, harvesting pollen and nectar in your own neighborhood collects the exact pollen grains you would be most allergic to. Small amounts of this same pollen, and other possible local allergens associated with flowers, will be found in the honey these bees make and 1 tablespoon ingested daily can help decrease the bodies immune response to these allergens.

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