Walton Family Farms

Raising cattle, horses, hay and kids. Home grown and done right!

Our Products

Beefmaster cattle, Mixed beef cattle, Tennessee Walking Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses and Gaited Saddle horses

About Us

We are a small family farm in rural Garrard County, Kentucky. Here in the hills of Kentucky we raise things the way the should be, naturally. We don't raise things on a large scale, our motto is quality; not quantity. We raise gaited horses for trail riding. Beef cattle are our passion. Currently we are working to transition to Beefmaster cattle. We have a registered beefmaster bull and several registered cows along with a herd of mixed beef cows.


From Richmond: 52 to 1295, right on 1131 then straight to Nina Ridge, Mail box 947. From Lancaster; 52 to 1295, left to 1131, then straight to Nina Ridge, Mail box 947

Walton's Family Farm

947 Nina Ridge Road, Lancaster, KY 40444
Lancaster, KY 40444
Phone: 8597921256
Email: Adkmagic@aol.com