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100% Beeswax Candles, Muscle/joint Salve, Timeless Moisture Salve, Natures Soothing Grace Salve, Headache Stick, Foot Melts, Soaps, Paintings, Handmade Quill Pens, Homemade Natural Ink, Dried Herbs, Fresh Herbs, Fresh Produce.

About Us

Nature''s Forgotten Whispers Started out as a young mother with such a love and passion for nature and all she has to offer. Whose mother shared that passion and love and unknowingly passed that as well as her knowledge of herbs and wild edibles to her daughter. Which soon led her to find relief for her own anxieties and pain. This then led to helping family and friends to helping their friends and family to helping strangers. So with the support from her children, her love, family an friends, Nature''s Forgotten Whispers was born. My goal is to provide what I can from what nature herself provides. I use a lot of my own herbs I grow in my own garden. I also use herbs from friends and family''s gardens, who believe in natures love. I also will responsibly wild harvest a few herbs. If I have to purchase herbs I try to purchase locally. I use only local honey and beeswax. I do have to order my oils, lye, and essential oils. I try to recycle where and when I can. My glassware and baskets are normally purchased second hand or salvaged. I strive everyday to find new ways to be a little more greener.

I strive to educate and pass along my knowledge to others. I give away more than I sell because I want others to benefit as I have. I have been blessed with what I know for a reason and though sometimes I wonder why, I know the best thing for me to do is share. I know hard times I have had my share of them and lived in ways some could never imagine possible. Some say I am too young to have had some of the experiences I have but it is these experiences that have not only shaped my person but have led me to where I am now.

Any information on my web page is for educational purposes only and are not approved by the FDA. I Do Not guarantee any herb to cure or prevent diseases. Disclaimer: My products are not FDA approved. Nor are they intended to cure or prevent diseases. Please consult your physician before using any products and if you have an allergic reaction.

Hours of Operation

10 am to 4 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday -- otherwise text, email or call if you need to come by at another time.

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