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NOW we can ship our Quail Eggs nationwide! See our eBay listing for details (search "gourmet quail eggs") including shipping cost.

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Fresh Quail Eggs (in shell)

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We're a small family farm (with a large family), raising Coturnix quail for the pet-food and reptile-food markets since 2004. We are currently focused on the Gourmet Quail Egg side, and have been supplying wholesale fresh shell quail eggs since 2011.

Our quail are raised in-house from our own breeding stock. We never use medicated feed, antibiotics, hormones, arsenic or any other artificial "growth regulators" at any time. We'd rather have healthy birds than medicated ones! We raise, handle, and, euthanize our birds humanely. Quail are sensitive to changes in their environment, so we try to keep their daily routine consistent and free from visual distractions (like red clothing, or overhead movements).

Our eggs are wholesome and healthy; our birds are never medicated or "treated" with chemicals. They eat a scientifically formulated diet of whole grains and legumes (GMO free when available, but unfortunately this is hard to find and harder to get), and drink natural earth-filtered spring water. We gather eggs daily, wash them gently, and inspect each egg before it goes into our crystal-clear tri-fold cartons (Interplast brand, when available: 100% recycled, recyclable, and made in North America). Quail eggs are said to be well tolerated by those allergic to chicken and other poultry; we know this to be true of some dogs with confirmed chicken and chicken-egg allergies - they can eat our quail eggs without producing allergy symptoms! Quail are also thought to be "immune" to salmonella as their body temperature is higher than the bacteria can survive. Quail eggs can be used in any recipe calling for eggs, but are most effectively used when "cute" is a consideration in gourmet cuisine: as a garnish, in bento box lunches, as appetizers, amuse-bouches, hors-d'oeuvres, bar snacks (pickled), etc. However, as someone who occasionally has an outrageous oversupply of them, I have used them in baking (3 or 4 quail eggs to 1 chicken egg), huevos rancheros, eggs florentine (so cute!), even French toast. When my babies were little they got scrambled quail eggs as one of their first solid foods. Many healthfood advocates advise using them raw in smoothies and protein shakes.


We wholesale through Creation Gardens (whatchefswant.com), based in Louisville, which supplies chefs and restaurants throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. If you are an individual, or not in the Louisville area, check our eBay listings for 2-carton and whole-case availability. If you are a retailer who would like to carry our Quail Eggs, please contact Nicole at 270-617-2319. We do not have a UPC.

Hours of Operation

Laying eggs 24/7/365! Easy online ordering at our eBay store, when extras are available.

Here is where you can find our products:

Creation Gardens http://www.whatchefswant.com/
eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/Executive-Imprinting/Other-/_i.html?_fsub=1

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