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Armes Red Angus is owned by John and Maura Armes of McQuady, KY. Our home farm consists of 750 acres. In the fall of 2016, I decided to get Red Angus cattle. I then purchased a herd bull which was a top selling bull and 24 cow and heifer lots on DVD video auction, sight unseen. I was very pleased. In the fall of 2017, I went to Miles, Texas to Halfmann Becton sale and purchased 9 cows. From RA Brown, I purchased what I think is top cow which was an Abigrace daughter and also an Abigrace granddaughter. These 2 cows and a P707 daughter which I purchased from RA Brown, will serve as my donor cows. I am using embryo and AI to a large extent.

Armes Red Angus

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