Lebanon Oak Flooring Co.

Quality is always in Style

Our Products

Oak Stair Treads, Oak Flooring, several species available-ie, walnut, cherry, maple, hickory, ash, special orders. Furniture Dimension, custom kiln drying, tobacco sticks, kindling.

About Us

LOFCO has its roots in the late 1800's. It started as a sawmill and began producing flooring a few years later. It adopted the Lebanon Oak Flooring Company name in the mid 19-teens. We have produced quality flooring products since that time. MORE LATER

Hours of Operation

7:30 AM--4:30 PM Monday-Friday

Lebanon Oak Flooring Co.

215 Taylor Avenue
Lebanon, KY 40033-0669
Phone: (270) 692-2128
Fax: (270) 692-2128
Email: lebanonoak@kih.net