Loy's Belgians and Mules

Special News
We have a fine pair of weanling Black Horse Mules. They match up and are going to be grey.

Our Products

Belgians, Mules, Jacks, Jennys, Fillies, Geldings

About Us

We are currently breeding Belgians and Percherons to a Red Sorrell Jack and raising large draft mules.

Current Inventory: 2 Breed Percheron 2 Percheron Geldings 1 Belgian Gelding 2 Breed Belgians 2 Black Horse Mules

Also on hand we have a Red Sorrell Jack (14.2 hands) and a Breed Red Sorrell Mammoth Jenny (15.2 hands)

Hours of Operation

After 3:00 pm during the week, any time on the weekends

Here is where you can find our products:

We sell all our animals off the farm

Loy Belgians and Mules

5263 North Hwy. 55
Jamestown, KY 42629
Phone: (270) 343-5886
Phone2: (270) 343-3956
Email: johnloy1@excite.com