Miracle Farms

You Are What You Eat

Our Products

Registered Belted Galloway Cattle, Grass Raised Beef,Poultry

About Us

Small herd of grass fed Belted Galloway Cattle, laying hens, eggs,and pastured poultry

Don't ask "What's for Dinner?, but What did your dinner have for dinner?"

We raise quality animals on pasture the way God intended


2.5 miles south of Stanford KY

Hours of Operation

7am - 10pm

Here is where you can find our products:

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Miracle Farm

3035 Ky Hgy 3249
Stanford, KY 40484
Phone: (606) 365-1231
Phone2: (606) 282-0368
Email: rmiracle1@hotmail.com
Website: www.miraclefarm.com