Mammoth Cave Dairy Auction

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Special Holstein Steer & Open / short-bred heifer sale, Saturday.,June 6th 2015 at Noon.

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Holstein replacement heifers

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Every Tuesday at 12:00 noon--An Auction for all types of dairy cattle. Special Holstein Steer & Open / short-bred heifer sale, Saturday., June 6th 2015 at Noon.

Average 900 head every Tuesday. Buyers & Sellers are Welcomed!

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14 miles north of Bowling Green. I-65 Southbound take Exit 38, left to Hwy.68-80, turn right two miles and turn left on Oakland-Flatrock Rd. I-65 northbound, take Exit 36, turn right, go for 200ft., and turn right on Oakland-Flatrock Rd.

Hours of Operation

Receive cattle Monday and Tuesday for Tuesday sale.

Here is where you can find our products:

Sold on site.

Mammoth Cave Dairy Auction, Inc.

P.O.Box 129
Smi, KY 42171
Phone: 1-800-563-2131
Fax: (270) 563-9335