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Are there Backside Issues you want to address as a group? Are you able to help out a backside worker who does not have medical support? Contact us!

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Professionally trained counselors with a background experience in the horse industry are now on staff. We have an extensive knowledge of community social service agencies, legal service representives, drug and alcohol treatment facilities and services, support groups,vocational rehabilitation agencies, financial assistance centers, and housing resources.

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Backside Connections Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of horse farm and racetrack workers. A happy and sober workforce in the thoroughbred industry is an important mission for the 21st Century. Backside Connections, Inc. functions as an Employee Assistance Program, much like other successful businesses have today. Our services are geared towards those workers who cannot get their needs met with traditional racetrack programs.

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A hot bath is given after each workout by the groom and hotwalker

We provide on-site assistance for employer-employee problems, drug and alcohol problems, gambling addictions, family and marriage problems, injury recuperation and vocational guidance, and more. We specialize in issues with Hispanic and non-English speaking workers.

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We work with clients who have court, probation, or other legal problems. Interested in exploring benefits of having a drug free workplace policy? Give us a call!


Winchester Rd to Fortune Drive or in Nicholasville. Call for appointment.

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2331 Fortune Drive
Can Travel To Farms as Requested
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Backside Connections, Inc.

2331 Fortune Drive Suite 205
Lexington, KY 40505
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