Gillum Stables

Special News
The horseshows in Owsley, Lee, Wolfe, and Pike Counties should be starting up real soon. If you like horses heres a good way to spend your Saturdays.

Our Products

Horses, Mules, Wagons and Handmade Leather Bridles. Standing at stud one spotted stallion he is registered. (picture will be posted soon)

About Us

We are a small farm located in rural Breathitt County, Kentucky. As recreation on weekends we go to area horseshows to compete. The members of this dedicated farm are my family. My wife Darlene and our two daughters Randi and Devon, and I do what needs to be done on the farm. I'm Randall Gillum.

As of now we own 5 horses, 2 mules, 3 dogs and 4 rabbitts.

This farm is ran by the four of us. We enjoy going on trail rides either by horse back or wagon. The best way to pass by a day is to be outdoors with your equine friends.

Here is where you can find our products:

I make handmade 'Magic Braid' bridles which can be bought by pre-paid ordering. You can get more info by emailing us.

Gillum Stables

131 Devon Lane
Vancleve, KY 41385