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Arnica blossoms,Ashwaganda root, Borage herb, Baical scullcap herb, Calamus root, Calendula blossoms, Dandelion herb or root, Echinacea purpurea herb or root, Goldenseal herb or root, Passionflower herb, Plantain herb, Poke root, Red clover blossoms, Scullcap lateriflora herb, Solomon's seal root, Valerian root, Violet leaf herb, & Yellow dock root

About Us

We are a family owned and operated medicinal herb farm. We are committed to cultivating medicinal herbs to conserve the existing populations of native threatened species of our forests and meadows. Currently we are reforesting part of our farmland and reintroducing species of medicinal plants to the existing woodlands that are natives of the eastern U. S. hardwood forest.

Most of our inventory of plants are perennials, which we maintain as a living inventory ready for harvest at the peak of their medicinal efficacy. This system assures the customer of the freshest plant materials possible. We ship orders, both fresh and dried, throughout the U.S.

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