Mills Lane Farm

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Fastrack Probiotic Pack, Ruminant Bolus, Liquid Dispersible, Microbial Gel, Canine Supplements, Equine Supplements

About Us

We specialize in the cadillac of all probiotic products.

We sell to race tracks, veterinarians, feed stores, dairies, stables and individuals.

Orders are taken by phone. We deliever locally. These Conklin products offer a variety of animal probiotics, vehicle lubricants, telecommunication services, roofing products, household products and human health products.


Off of US 127 South. Approximately 4 miles from I-64. 561 Mills Lane, third house on right.

Hours of Operation


Here is where you can find our products:

on the farm

Mills Lane Farm

561 Mills Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 227-7113