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llamas, alpacas, wool sheep, potbelly pigs, and miniature horses

About Us

We are a family-oriented small farm dedicated to the utmost care of our animals. We raise our exotics for pleasure and companionship, although many are of show-quality. These are tame, gentle animals that are used to human contact. Whether you are looking for a beautiful friend to keep your pastures clean or a buddy to help you de-stress after a hard day of work, please keep us in mind.

We began our love for exotic animals with the purchase of one llama twelve years ago. Of course, it had to have a buddy, so before long we had a happy herd of Bolivian and Chilean llamas. Since that time we have added many other lovable creatures to our farm, including several Suri and Huacaya alpacas, a small herd of wool sheep (mix of Suffolk and Dorset), Shetland sheep, potbelly pigs, and miniature horses.

The health and happiness of our animals is important to us. Please keep in mind that llamas, alpacas, sheep, and horses are very social animals that need to be with others of their own kind to thrive. Please don''t have just one of these animals--always provide a buddy of the same species for them. The more, the merrier!


Our farm is located in Eubank, Kentucky (approximately 15 minutes north of Somerset). We''re conveniently located right off Highway 27.

Hours of Operation

We are home most anytime on the weekends, and can meet you after 5:00 through the week.

D and D Alpacas

12095 North Highway 1247
Eubank, KY 42567
Phone: (606) 379-6040
Phone2: (606) 305-7701
Email: doug6040@windstream.net
Website: http://www.danddalpacas.com