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Cookland Farms Soap Gift Basket

Cookland Farms Gift Basket is a bouquet of rose-shaped soaps in a beautifully wrapped basket

Cookland Farm is a family based operation. We raise horses, cows, sheep, Boer goats and make milk based soaps. Our four children each have responsibilities in caring for the animals and upkeep on the farm.

Cookland Farms Milk-Based Soap

Cookland Farm is a family operation. All of our soap is handmade to make you feel clean and fresh

We make soap from fresh milk, goats milk when available. Glycerin is added to each batch as a natural emollient. The bars of soap are hand cut leading to individuality in size and shape. Once the bars are made they take 4-6 weeks to cure. We also make gift baskets that include a variety of soaps in one group.

We raise the sheep and goats for meat. Pigs are also available when they mature. At this time, we have several breeding Boer bucks ready for sale.


We are located 2 miles off Rte. 150 on Rte. 442 (Deep Creek Rd). It is 8 miles west of Perryville, or 11 miles east of Springfield.

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Cookland Farm

1966 Deep Creek Road
Perryville, KY 40468
Phone: (859) 336-0592