Burley Ridge Worms

Worms, The Natural Recyclers

Our Products

Red Worms For Fishing,gardening, and composting, Worm casting for potting soils and flower beds.

About Us

Owned by Brian and Amy Frunish, lifelong tobacco farmers looking for a alternative way to make money on the farm. Worms are Nature's way of taking waste and creating a finished product that is very useful. Castings (worm manure) is all natural and full of nutrients that will make a good soil median.

Why buy fishing worms by the dozen when you can buy them by the 1000. Why not raise your own worms and have them any time that you want to go fishing. They will eat your table scraps or left over garden items that are unused.

Recycle scraps, newspapers and vegtables into very good soil median for your flowering and gardening needs. No need for fertilizer, its in the worm castings

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Burley Ridge Worms

240 Colony Drive
Cynthiana, KY 41031
Phone: (859) 235-0498
Phone2: (859) 983-3935
Email: brian@burleytobacco.com