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Carcass Quality with Growth Performance

Special News
We have 130 Angus Bulls on Test that will be ready in March they will meet the KY Phase I guidelines for cost share

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Purebred Angus Bulls, Commercial Angus Heifers and Steers

About Us

We are a family owned Beef Cattle and Tobacco operation located in Henry and Shelby Counties.

We provide high quality Carcass based genetics with growth performance, through the extensive use of AI.

Some of the AI Bulls we are using are Rito 6I6, Bon View Spectrum, GAR Pinnacle, GAR Expectation, GAR Grid Maker, and Bon View New Design.


Located near Cropper, KY in Shelby Co and near New Castle in Henry Co

Here is where you can find our products:

CKAA Sale March 19th, UK BIA Bowling Green Sale March 28th and Private Treaty
Give us a call or email to arrange a Private Treaty Viewing

Capstone Farms Angus

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