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We are also available for presentations, seminars, or workshops on organic gardening and herbs.

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Herb Mixes, Handmade Jewelry

About Us

Briarwood Gardens is a small cottage industry that specializes in the love of nature, good food, and handmade items. Here we grow our plants in lots of compost and healthy soil without the contaminants of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Charles and I prefer it this way, clean and uncomplicated by unnatural products.

We have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program dedicated to helping other families enjoy good, nutritious food. We have all the usual types of vegetables, herbs, and occasionally, fresh eggs in each basket....along with the unusual too. We like to surprise our customers with vegetables and herbs you just can't get at a Easter egg radishes, ten-toed squash, and rattlesnake beans.

I'm really into making beads now, I just love the many different looks you can produce. I use my own handmade beads, glass beads, natural stones, anything I can find to add that little extra to each piece. Most pieces even have my handmade clasps too. Each piece is never duplicated and the cost is kept low, so look for my "Earth's Creations" at our website


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Hours of Operation

While we don't have a shop or regular business hours, you can always reach us by email or phone to set up an appointment.

Briarwood Gardens

3004 St Rt 1772
Clinton, KY 42031
Phone: (270) 254-1143
Phone2: (270) 254-1208