D&D Llama Farm

Special News
All llamas will be sheared on June 29th. If you're interested in the wool, give me a call!

Our Products

We raise gentle, healthy South American llamas. We currently have an assortment of ages, colors, and wool textures.

About Us

Llamas make the perfect animals for protecting your sheep and goats from wandering dogs and coyotes. They're also a beautiful addition to any farm that needs to have the pastures picked down.

After years of raising llamas, we have learned that they are extremely intelligent, responsive animals. They're excellent to protect your sheep and goats from coyotes and dogs, as those are their natural enemies. My animals are gentle around people, and even around pets once they get used to one another.

Give us a call if you'd like to come out and tour our farm. We'd be glad to have you.


If you're coming from the south (below Somerset), go north up Hwy. 27 t Eubank. Turn right at the first road past Oran's gas station. We're the brown brick with the wishing well. From the north, go to Eubank down Hwy. 27. Go approximately 1 1/2 miles pasy the caution lights, and turn left at the fruit stand. Look for the brown brick with the wishing well and the Wildcat mailbox (Go Cats!!).

Hours of Operation

we're home after 5:00 est and on the weekends

D&D Alpacas

12095 N. Hwy. 1247
Eubank, KY 42567
Phone: (606) 379-6040
Phone2: (606)-305-7701
Email: doug6040@windstream.net
Website: http://www.Doug Buis