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Bulls for sale at all times! Pictures can be obtained upon request via e-mail.

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Registered Polled Hereford Cattle and Suffolk Sheep

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Our farm consists of three generations of Polled Hereford breeders. Since 1982, we have bred for milk and mothering ability. In 1996, we started A.I. breeding to increase the frame size, depth of body, structural correctness, and overall soundness of our cattle while still maintaining an acceptable birth weight for heifers and cows. Our goal is to breed for the very best calf that each mating can achieve keeping in mind that heifers need to calve at two years of age and have a calf every twelve months thereafter.

In 1989, we acquired our first lambs. We have leased rams and retained the ewe lambs from these matings. We bred for lambs that would have structural correctness, muscle, and reach 110lbs in 90 days. We have also sold club lambs to exhibitors in our area. In 2001, we changed our program to breeding sheep. We purchased a registered Suffolk ram to breed to our purebreed Suffolk ewes that were not registered. We plan to begin registering in the Suffolk percentage registry. We have also purchased a registered Suffolk ewe to start our registered program.


Highway 31E to Magnolia, Highway 470 east, Highway 1906 off of 470, Farm is located .7 miles on the left from the beginning of 1906.

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Flanders Farm

740 Mt. Sherman Rd.
Magnolia, KY 42757
Phone: (270) 324-3786
Email: flandersfarm42757@yahoo.com