The Country Barn

Fresh from the farm and fresh is always better.

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Home of the Area's Largest Speciality Hanging Baskets.

Our Products

Bedding Plants, Unique Hanging Baskets, Speciality Flowers (Proven Winners), Herbs, Perennial Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Trees. Fresh Market Vegetables, Heirloom Tomatoes and Hot Peppers, Decorative Pumpkins and Gourds.

About Us

Located in the heart of Amish and Mennonite farmland, Fairview Ky. 500 yards from the Jefferson Davis Monument and Ky. State Park.

The Country Barn specializes in a large variety of Heirloom Tomatoes. Varieties such as the Cherokee Purple, Black Prince, and Amish Paste are just a few of the awesome tasting and uniquely colored varieties awaiting the visitor. Also available is a larger selection of hot peppers and pepper jellies such as Jamacian Hot Chocolate, West Indian Red, and Lemon Drop Habanero.

Shoppers at The Country Barn will find a huge variety of speciality hanging baskets, and patio planters. Proven winner varieties have been specially developed for their outstanding preformance.


From Hopkinsville take Highway 68 east to Fairview, Ky. Turn right onto 1801. Located on the left 200 yards towards the Monument.

Hours of Operation

Summer hours 8:30AM till 6:PM Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday

The Country Barn

112 Britmart Road (Fairview)
Elkton, KY 42220
Phone: (270) 885-4843