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Spring 2003 cuttings now available! Call (859) 277-8964 or e-mail: merinehart@indigoptvines.com

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The following grape cutting varieties are now available: Concord, Cayuga, Delaware, DeChaynac, Himrod, JS12-428, Marchal Foch, Mars, Niagra, Reliance, Remaly, Suffolk Red, Swenson Red, Swenson White, Vidal Blanc

About Us

Indigo Point Vineyard is a one-acre plot within a 100-acre farm, located along the Kentucky River, in northern Garrard County, Kentucky. Our vineyard was launched as an experimental test of fifteen grape varieties in order to determine the best growing vines in this river micro-climate. The vineyard has grown to include the following: 32 Types of Blue, Red and White Grape Vines; Standard and Seedless Varieties; Table, Jelly, Wine, and Juice Grape Vines. In our fourth season, the original 600 vines are ready for their first production year. To Place an Order, please contact us at (859) 277-8964, or send us an e-mail at merinehart@indigoptvines.com

All of the Indigo Point vines were started in the following manner: As shoots of 6-12 inches in length with a minimum of four buds; Stimulated with a rooting hormone; Grown in a perlite/peat/soil mixture in 1/2 gallon pots through summer; and Transplanted in the fall.

Spring 2003 Cuttings: The grape cutting varieties shown below are now available for delivery. All cuttings are $.50 each, with a $10.00 minimum order, plus tax and shipping. Fall 2003 Cuttings: Any cuttings not sold in the spring will be rooted, planted and grown, so vines will be available in the early fall at $5.00 each, plus tax and shipping.


Indigo Point Vineyard P.O. Box 990 Wolf Trail Lancaster, KY 40444 (859) 277-8964

Indigo Point Vineyard

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