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Special News
New Kids and Lambs will be arriving early to mid March. Call now to reserve animals.

Our Products

Katahdin Hair Sheep, Hair Sheep crosses, Fullblood Boer Goats, Boer goat percentages.

About Us

At McDowell Farms we strive to produce the overall best animals available. We acheive this through a committment to using only top breeding stock, by culling inferior animals, maintaining quality forage, pasture rotation, and utilizing sound veternarian care. If you are looking for the cheapest available Boer breeding stock then don't call us. We are competitive, however, we will not buy cull bucks and use them to breed in order to undersell the competition. We also will not sell you a cull doe to use as breeding stock in your operation. We only keep large framed, low maintenance boer does. We do not feed our does large quantities of concentrates or grains to make them fat. We try to raise goats that put on weight under normal pasture conditions.

We currently have a good selection of Fullblood Does, Doelings, Bucks and Bucklings for sale. These are from top bloodlines including Eggsfile, Magnum, Mzuri, Nzuri, Bodacious Hunk, and Sasquatch. We currently have a few quality brood does that we will be selling to make pasture space for the newest addition to our operation Katahdin Hair Sheep.

We will have available Slaughter lambs and kids this year as well. We may have a limited number of Fullblood Katahdin breeding stock as well. These animals are extremely parasite resistant and the lambs show rapid weight gain. The ewes lamb without assistance and the young lambs are strong, active, and resilient. All our breeding stock is registered with the USBGA. We are members of the USBGA and ABGA. We are also members of the KGPA (Kentucky Goat Producers Association)and the WKGA (West Kentucky Goat Association). We eartag all goats for security and positive identification. All registered goats are tattooed in addition to being eartagged.


We are located 10 miles East of Owensboro off Hwy. 60. Please call for directions prior to visiting as we utilize livestock guardian animals.

Hours of Operation

Farm visits welcome, by appointment only.

McDowell Farms

1904 Yelvington-Knottsville Rd.
Maceo, KY 42355
Phone: (270) 264-0484
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