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Strawberries / Squash / Bell Peppers / Green Beans / Tomatoes / Cucumbers /Blackberries/ Watermelon /Blueberries

About Us

Small, family operated fruit and vegetable roadside market since 1992. Members of the North American Strawberry Growers Association,North American Berry Growers Association, Kentucky Vegetable Growers' Association, Kentucky Horticulture Society, Kentucky Farm Bureau and Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association.

All our produce is grown within viewing distance of our stand. We should begin picking Earliglo strawberries for commercial sale around mid-May,2005 and finish picking the the mid-season berries by early June,2005. Varieties in 2005 include Earliglo, Camarosa and Allstar. Sold by the quart and flat. We grow a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes. These include early, mid, and late season varieties. Tomato varieties for 2005 include Fabulous, Big Beef, Mr. Stripey, Arkansas Traveler, Brandywine, German Johnson, Carolina Gold, Roma, Gold Nugget, and Tami-G(a new variety of grape tomato) Squash varieties for this year will include General Patton, Fortune and Green Eclipse. Cucumbers will be Eureka and Indy. We also plan to grow seedless red and yellow watermelons again this year as well as increasing our blackberry and blueberry yields as the plants mature.


Look for us under the red & white tent at the SE corner of Nicholasville Road and Man O'War in Lexington

Hours of Operation

Call 275-BERI for information

Caludi's Field

344 Atwood Drive
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Phone: 1-859-275-beri
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