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Kentucky grown is Kentucky hardy !

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Prices are low due to overstocked container plants. Please call while supplies last.

Our Products

Shade, evergreen and flowering trees, shrubs (specializing in korean boxwood) and ornamental grasses

About Us

Riverview Nursery was started in 1985 in the Kentucky River basin in a secluded setting enclosed by woods and populated with deer.

The nursery is owned by Greg Miller (horticulturist and landscape architect). He began landscaping in 1974 and continues his education by attending seminars regularly.

The grounds of the nursery view the Kentucky river. The nursery is made up of field grown and in-ground container stock. The container stock is available for sale year round and plants grown in containers will transplant with very little shock. These plants will establish quickly with little risk.


Travel out of Lexington on Richmond Rd. Turn rt at light at entrance to Jacobson Park onto Old Richmond Rd. Drive about 4 miles to the country store at Jack's Creek Rd. Turn rt onto Jack's Creek and drive about 8 miles to 7082---on the left. (it's just past mailbox 7000) or use Tates Creek Rd: go out of town on Tates Creek about 7 miles from Man O War til you get into a 35 mph zone. Turn left onto Spears Rd. Spears ends at Jack's Creek where you will turn right. Go to 7082. (past Raven's Run Nature Sancuary)

Hours of Operation

weekends 8-5 (call weekday evenings or weekends please: (859) 273-4440)

Here is where you can find our products:

follow gravel drive to the house across the field.

Riverview Nursery

7082 Jack's Creek Rd.
Lexington, KY 40515
Phone: 1-859-273-4440
Phone2: 1-859-533-4995
Email: nurseryman@windstream.net