Wingdo's Farm Tales

It ain't been but a short time ago...

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The storybook... also build an old style of small wooden cars, trucks, tractors, animals and possibly the entire farm!

About Us

A Ma and Pa's book of short stories about growing up on a small farm and just how far two brothers would go for a little 'down-home' fun! The book was written by a fella named Wingdo, who must have had one very 'interesting' childhood!

We also build small wooden barns that may be custom painted to resemble the old homestead, or even build a model of your life-long dream barn/facility! Many of my current model barns are found all over north America... some built for the heavy duty play of a child and some built just for mom, or dad's, enjoyment of 'things remembered.'

We also build model hot rods, of the 'I don't think little Johnny can break that one unless he really tries' style! Also coming off the line (my work bench) are a number of big rigs, pick-up trucks, box trucks, stock trucks, and a little bit of 'who knows' what else is buried in that mess!


We are currently working off the internet only. It seems when folks find me in the shop they tend to run off with all my inventory... don't you just love it when you can't tell one of your grandchildren no!?

Hours of Operation

varies... no email is ignored if I can help it!

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All over the US

Wingdo's Farm Tales (storybook)

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