Concord Hill Icelandics

Special News
We have available our wonderful ram lambs for fall breeding. Both registered and unregistered purebreds!

Our Products

Purebred registered and unregistered Icelandic sheep, raw Icelandic sheep fleeces, and farm fresh blackberries.

About Us

Concord Hill Icelandics specializes in grass based, pasture raised Icelandic sheep. We have both registered and unregistered purebred Icelandics which produce exceptional fleeces for handspinners and fiber artists, gourmet quality meat, and also produce enough milk to raise fantastic lambs without added feeds. We currently provide raw fleeces to handspinners and fiber artists in a variety of colors and textures. Also available are breeder flocks and handspinner flock packages. Each summer we have, to offer to the public, wonderful, juicy, fresh off the farm blackberries.


e-mail us at for directions and to schedule a visit. Just 35 mi. NE of Lexington.

Hours of Operation

By appointment

Here is where you can find our products:

On the farm

Concord Hill Icelandic

1275 Concord Rd
Carlisle, KY 40311
Phone: 1-859-473-1406