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Adams Farms and Feedlot has been raising high quality homegrown beef for five years. Matt Adams started this business by selling one of his show steers privately as freezer beef at the age of 13. The company has grown over the past few years and currently raises and markets 10-15 finished steers per year.

Owner Matt Adams personally takes pride in taking care to produce a product that is of the highest quality, tenderness, and taste. This is NOT the beef you'd buy out of the grocery store freezer.

Adams Farms and Feedlot works closely with every customer to arrange the most convienient and the best value processor. We also arrange all dates and delivery with the processor.


Located in Upton, KY, in Southern Hardin County.

Adams Farms and Feedlot

90 E. Horseshoe Ave
Upton, KY 42784
Phone: (270) 369-8007
Phone2: (270) 307-4815